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About us


DAAC is a professional tax consulting firm, proudly ranked as a leading Vietnam tax consulting firm by international investors.

The foreign-owned capital enterprises that have/ are using the tax/ accounting consulting and risk management service of DAAC include Hwaseung Vina; Hwaseung Vietnam Chemical; Hwaseung Vietnam Networks; Kaoten Việt Nam; Shinwon Viet Nam; White Feathers International, Weichen, Vy Thanh, Oval Viet Nam, Sang Fang, Master Sofa, Thousand Crane Vietnam, KinSei, Shing Mark, Sai Gon Allied Technologies, Chiu Yi Vietnam,…

DAAC works with organizations (including Board of Directors, General Director, Chief Financial Officer, Risk Management Specialist, Internal Auditor and Head of Professional Department) to help them better understand the level risk level and develop practical systems and control measures. We show customers the difference between risk aversion and risk awareness.

Striving for the development of the business, managing the risks involved and complying with the provisions of the law requires a delicate balance. Assessing the success of this balance is often difficult because it is based on a single measurement system or a measure of performance. To distinguish the levels, all organizations must determine the level of risk involved


Nearly 20 graduates from Bachelor of Accounting / Bachelor of Economics / Masters from prestigious financial and accounting universities at home and abroad with logical thinking and dedicated / professional way, they I commit to you and you as well as those who have / will / will use DAAC’s services to save time / save costs / improve production and business efficiency.

With over 12 years of experience, Mr. An is a consulting expert in Convention of avoiding double tax payment, foreign contractor tax; transfer pricing report; contribute the data proving the enterprises don’t conduct the transfer pricing and Corporate Income Tax preferential issues for all types of business operating in Vietnam. Currently, Mr. An is a member of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants ; Vietnam Association of Tax Consultants and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Mr. Tran Van An

deputy director of DAAC (0903 981 921)
Ms. Van has over 12 years of experience in Auditing and Advisory for foreign-owned capital companies operating in manufacture and service area, particularly situations relating to tax risk and potential. Recently, she has become an expert in consulting/ reviewing and preparing tax plan for all types of enterprises operating in Vietnam. Furthermore, Ms. Trang is a member of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants and Vietnam Association of Tax Consultants.

Ms. Tran Thi Van

DAAC director (0938 866 083)

Ms. My Phuong

DAAC consultants (0932 663 870)


Serving our clients means more than providing a high level of technical competence. It also means a commitment to treating your problems as our problems. This is what makes us unique. How we can make your business more efficient and profitable is our first concern. We use sound business judgment and innovative applications of our professional skills to help our clients grow.