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Accounting Services

The accounting department plays a particularly important role in providing information for the Board’s decisions. Accurate and timely accounting, statistics and data provision will help the Board of Directors to grasp the current situation of enterprises so that they can make appropriate decisions to respond to changes in the environment. business.
With a team of experts in Vietnamese accounting, international accounting practices, many years of practical working experience at enterprises, accounting services provided by DAAC always satisfy customers.
Accounting services provided by DAAC include:
1. Set up an accounting system
• Advise customers to select an accounting system suitable to the business situation and operational characteristics of customers in compliance with the Vietnamese Accounting System or International Accounting Standards, or other regulations;
• Accounting system registration service;
• Consulting services on the selection and implementation of accounting software;
• Consulting services to set up a system of accounting accounts in accordance with customers’ reporting and operation requirements;
• Consulting services in setting up or improving the cost system.
2. Management accounting services
Our growing management accounting practices are known because of the ability to bring more value to the accounting department and increase the decision to create the role of chief accountant. Our range of services includes many types, from complex as building an effective accounting management system to implementing more popular accounting management functions such as budget preparation, prediction, Cost management, strategic cost management, business analysis and others.
3. Keep books and other accounting services
For some businesses, outsourcing is often more economical and efficient. By entrusting the accounting work to DAAC, customers can unleash their human resources to focus on their specialized field, and the rest will surely be undertaken by a professional team at one Very competitive price.
If the accounting work has been performed at the company and the customer still needs the quality assurance of accounting, then with DAAC, we can also preview the customer accounting and help the customer standardize. subject to financial statements in accordance with the law and management requirements.