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Audit Services

DAAC provides independent audit services designed to help customers enhance the integrity and reliability of financial information. This information will be used by investors, creditors and other related parties. DAAC operates in accordance with the law and DAAC Auditing Methodology.

This methodology is designed to be superior to national and international standards and all of our professional employees from member companies around the world are guided by the same methodological approach, processes and documents. All auditors regularly attend training courses to update knowledge.

Information exchange

High quality information exchange is a peculiar feature of DAAC’s audit process. Our audit approach is underpinned by a commitment to not occur unexpectedly, any potential problems are advised soon. The amount of time we use in the field and frequent exchange discussions help create a closer working relationship and bring real-world judgments and early detection of new problems.

DAAC believes in the ability of key executive members with extensive experience and the authority to make accounting decisions as valuable as the company’s commitment. With executive members with such authority, with the company’s “working together” culture and the constant consultation of our customers, our solutions to the problems of succession math arises in the audit process very quickly, decisively and consistently.


Another strength in our audit approach is the use of technology to implement and streamline audit tests. DAAC contributes to the audit industry an auditing tool based on the latest technology through eAuditIT application. eAudIT provides fully customizable electronic workflows, thus creating the flexibility of leading industry audit design for corporate audit contracts. eAudIT brings DAAC’s collective intellectual power, industry knowledge, and professional skills to its customers in each audit contract using safe and advanced technical tools.

Quality, integrity and independence

DAAC has its own quality control process that all member companies must comply with, as well as being independently audited by the Ministry of Finance and Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants. In addition, all of our relationships are evaluated by an independent Customer Service Inspector, where we collect direct feedback from customers about the overall quality of services and services.

We perform rigorous steps to ensure potential conflicts are carefully managed and effective. Sentinel, available only at DAAC, is an automated and sophisticated independent tracking system that helps project teams check, approve and verify DAAC’s service relationships with business units worldwide. gender. This is a mandatory system for customer service groups and fully complies with relevant legal provisions.