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Finance Support


The system of financial statements is designed to synthesize and present the overall situation of assets, capital sources, situation and results of production and business activities of the Company in a year. finance. In order to build an effective financial reporting system to meet the needs of owners, investors and related parties, the Company must have a solid and complete accounting system. However, at present, the Company often faces problems such as incomplete accounting system; The accounting apparatus is cumbersome but works inefficiently; The accounting book system lacks consistency and consistency in accounting; Financial statements have not fully disclosed information of the Company, … causing risks in the aspect of financial management and taxation. Therefore, the Company is wasting time, money and resources to solve these problems but ineffectively.

As a professional consulting organization, we support you to complete the system of financial statements in accordance with the operational characteristics of the Company and comply with the current provisions of law. To solve these problems, we will help the Company to build and complete the accounting apparatus; develop operating procedures of the accounting apparatus; Standardize the Accounting System; Establish accounting accounting process; Establishing the process of document rotation; Setting up a specific reporting system suitable for the model and field of the Company.

Benefits from these services help the Company have a complete financial reporting system, fully comply with the State’s current regulations on accounting and taxation with accounting accounting processes, Tax finalization in accordance with the characteristics of the business lines that are easy to use, check and reconcile within the Company and related parties upon request. High efficiency but reasonable service cost, your company can be assured in managing all production and business activities.


In a modern business environment, a moment can determine the development of an organization. In order to make the right business decisions, it requires the Company to have a solid management reporting system as a database base for the analysis and strategy formulation of the owner. and maximize the value of the Company.

Currently, Vietnamese companies are facing many difficulties in building a system of management reports suitable to the organizational structure of the Company and operating the system into strategic decisions of the Company.
To solve the difficulties and obstacles that the Company is facing, with a team of professional consultants with many years of experience DAAC will help your company: Building a system of management reports according to needs and items management purpose of the Executive Board and management levels in the Company according to each type of business; Financial and non-financial data analysis reporting system; Develop a process of rotation, data storage and reporting in a scientific and systematic way; Develop governance regulations;

Consulting operating the management system.
With an effective management reporting system, the Executive Board will be provided in a timely manner with accurate and reliable information to make business investment decisions and build foundation. setting up short and long-term business strategies for the Company and selecting appropriate business management organization models as well as applying economic and financial policies and cost-optimization tax in their operations to increase income, improve the efficiency of using assets and capital of the Company to increase the value of the Company in the market.


The accountant performs the work of the painter who paints the panorama of the Company through figures and accounting data, so the accounting is of great importance in the company. directly affect the situation of the Company’s performance. But, at present, most companies do not have a complete accounting system with weak accounting personnel, leading to material errors in accounting because they are not in line with the current accounting and tax regulations. onions.

In order to help the Company fully feel secure in its business activities, DAAC provides support services to review and guide accounting accounting; Review accounting accounting together with Reviewing the accounting voucher system through the Regulations and Business Policies to ensure full storage in accordance with the nature of the business, in accordance with the Regulation accounting degrees and relevant legal provisions, and help the Company optimize the cost of corporate income tax in accordance with the law; Review accounting books; Review financial statements …

By using this service, you will maintain a strong accounting system and accounting system to ensure compliance with the internal regulations of the Company and fully comply with the regulations. of accounting, tax law and other relevant current regulations. Helping the Company avoid troubles due to errors in accounting and accounting process, and at the same time peace of mind in production and business activities and sustainable development.


In order to resolve the conflict between the cost of capital and profits and to balance the benefits of these two conflicts, providing optimal value in the process of production and business, the Company needs to build a efficient capital model, or planning capital budget for production and business activities of the Company to ensure continuous operation with optimal capital efficiency.

DAAC with a team of professional professionals with many years of experience will help the Company to develop a budget plan that is effective and suitable for the type of operation of the Company through the collection, evaluation and classification of information. Company finance each item; Determine operating capital and cost optimization opportunities; Design and set up management systems, effectively operate budget plans; Establish a more effective approach to planning, budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

Adopting the optimal budget planning model with balancing the cost of capital and profits brought to the Company thereby improving operational efficiency, improved and more flexible operating processes; supply and demand balances are simplified, increasing transparency and reducing complexity, making decision making more efficient; At the same time, it significantly reduces the cost of capital in processes from production to business to maximize company profits.


The financial strategy plays an important role in the sustainable development process of a Company, while holding cash flow also aims to carry out regular transactions of the Company, speculation, and invest in other projects. Currently, companies face difficulties such as no financial strategy for normal production and business activities and develop in each stage. Therefore, it is easy to cause operating cash flows to be deficient, or to waste opportunity costs when not exploiting the efficiency of the cash flow.

As a leading consulting organization, our team of Financial Management experts, with appropriate skills from time to time and circumstances, will support your company to develop financial strategy and manage cash flow. , providing confidence and efficiency in your operations as follows: Providing solutions for budget optimization and cash flow management, by identifying and analyzing the risks and defects of financial strategy and cash flow management make recommendations on re-designing the management process, optimizing the Company’s operating cash flow; Design and advice on the implementation of liquidity and money management systems, including planning, management and reporting processes, simplification and advice on financial restructuring, resource structure and improve the efficiency of using working capital; and consulting working capital management.

Through financial strategy consulting and cash flow management, the Company minimizes risks and optimizes financial resources for production and business activities of the Company to achieve strategic business objectives. financial strategy and objectives with reasonable costs and improving the value of the Company from the effectiveness of financial strategy and cash flow management, to maximize profits for the Company.