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Financial Risk Management Service

Evaluate the portfolio of risks, strengthen business performance and turn the requirement to comply with the law into a dominant engine of value.
Financial risk is an inevitable fact of life in a modern business environment. Legal mechanisms are increasingly complex and demanding in combination with the challenge of financial management risks.
More and more organizations are aware of the benefits of a coherent approach to financial risk management and legal compliance. Many organizations are now advocating the use of risk management and compliance to achieve outstanding operational efficiency.


DAAC’s Financial Risk Management Advisory Group supports organizations to strengthen and strengthen their existing risk and compliance management resources. We help customers:

  • Assess their current risk management capacity
    benchmarking the effectiveness of financial risk management and related processes
  • Strengthen the role of financial risk management for achieving business goals
  • Develop tools to identify, monitor and report on financial risk and compliance issues
  • Introduce new compliance measures
    perform a check on compliance requirements
  • Reduce the cost of compliance requirements and the overuse of management time for compliance issues system assessment and current compliance practices refer to industry best practices

Our services cover a wide range of activities, including credit risk management, market risk management and currency risk, anti-money laundering and operational risk management requirements. dynamic (or Compliance with Basel II)
Our consultants are proficient and experienced professionals. They will provide clear and objective advice and close to reality. They use DAAC resources locally, regionally and globally.