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Internal Audit Service


We understand that the internal audit department needs to create strategic value and contribute to better business performance. In many organizations, upgrading and enhancing internal audit capacity in these areas is an urgent need. That’s what DAAC can support businesses to:

  • Develop effective governance practices to strengthen the work of the board of directors, the president and the individual directors.
  • Create an effective audit and control environment to establish a wide-ranging assurance framework.
  • Thoroughly grasp high-performance culture and ethical business practices


With a strong demand for experienced internal auditors and appropriate skills, most organizations have difficulty maintaining the complete internal audit department and related technical infrastructure. .
DAAC provides practical support in overcoming weaknesses in internal audit and skills gaps by:
1. Outsourcing:
We can take full responsibility for the internal audit function of the entire organization in the direction of the audit committee and / or senior management.
2. Combining internal forces and external forces
We can complement the organization’s current internal audit capabilities, deliver specialized skills and undertake individual audit projects.
3. Professional resources
We can provide experienced auditors and have the right skills to carry out the work under the guidance of the organization’s internal audit department. These projects can be done once or continuously.
4. Set up an internal audit department
DAAC helps organizations set up and / or strengthen the operations of the internal audit department within the organization.
We implement and review the strategic performance of the internal audit department, advise on operational efficiency, costs and resource shortages. We help incorporate the objectives of internal audit with key business processes of the business, taking into account the associated risk management, compliance and performance.