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Legal Consulting Service

The global network includes DAAC’s experienced Legal Services professionals who use knowledge of accounting, survey, information, technology, economics and industry skills along with the various disciplines. Consistent global legislation to help minimize the risk of loss of credibility and trade loss, and enhance the value earned from existing contracts.
The nature of ever-changing business has created new opportunities, but there are also new risks and potential challenges, including:

  • An increase in sophistication in fraud, organized crime and terrorism
    laws and regulations are more complex, some laws and regulations have an extended scope of geography
  • Technology challenges are increasing
    complex cross-border disputes
  • Pitfalls arising from the expansion into emerging markets
    dependence on unfamiliar business partners, more complex supply and distribution channels
  • Theft and abuse of intellectual property rights
  • Organizations that monitor effectively and respond quickly to potentially damaging situations such as these will be better able to handle quickly and successfully these situations, while minimizing Bad impact on finance, prestige and operation.


We provide effective and practical advice to help customer businesses handle the following issues:

– Investigation of fraud, misconduct and corruption
– Monitor funds, assets, companies and individuals
– Commercial disputes
– Comply with the law
– Risk management of business purchases
– Intellectual property rights and contract management
– Prevent and detect frauds and financial crimes
– We can also implement technology tools to assist customers in efficiently

Processing large volumes of data and documents, to manage and publish important documents or to detect frauds, weaknesses and business opportunities from business data.


Our network of legal experts applies a consistent global approach, combined with adaptation to local realities, for sensitive and complex cross-border projects.
DAAC’s Legal Advisory Service is a reliable consulting service for the world’s leading businesses. Our team is present in major developed markets as well as important emerging economies in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, Chau Chi, Middle East and Asia.