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Management Consulting Services

Successful business organizations often review their activities to improve efficiency and seize opportunities.
Business leaders and government leaders often focus on factors that govern values ​​such as:
collect accurate information to master and understand business operations
control the complexity of the business and make necessary structural changes
focus on sustainable performance
Our consultants assist organizations to understand the most important motivations that govern their value and coordinate with them to improve operational efficiency.
We combine high technical capabilities with appropriate experience in the business lines to provide advice that is close to reality. Customers can also take advantage of DAAC’s large global resources.


DAAC’s Management Advisory Services team has extensive experience in many industries and uses this knowledge to provide IT application services, business transformation and operational improvement. .
How to support customers:
We help customers analyze and understand the basic elements of changing business operations – people, processes, technologies and risks / controls – identify problems that make businesses difficult reach your full potential.
We adopt a coordinated approach, working with customers:
streamline and standardize financial activities
design and set up operational management systems
Application of smart business governance initiatives
balance and strengthen the supply chain
Determine operating capital and cost optimization opportunities
establish a more effective approach to planning, budgeting and forecasting


Business Performance Advisory Groups focus on the basics of business – risk management, revenue growth and cost control – are issues that every organization operates in every industry that needs it. solve to develop. We help businesses identify risks and optimize the activities they use to support strategic business goals and financial goals.
How to support customers:
Organizations have many options for managing and improving operational efficiency, including process design and control tools, shared service models (shared services) and outsourcing operations. (outsourcing). Our Business Performance experts seek to help customers improve their ability to make better business decisions – those that make up the center of successful efforts. in business transformation and change management.
Our experts bring extensive experience and close cooperation with customers and advise them on a variety of issues, including:
Diagnostic assessment for businesses – Our experts conduct a rapid assessment of the performance, internal processes, organizational structure, and IT system capacity to contribute to determining effectiveness risks and shortcomings. We will produce a detailed analysis report that explains the major gaps and proposes a priority remedy plan based on the costs and efforts required.
Managing working capital – Our policies and techniques are geared towards cash management, inventory and receivables. Together with customers, we will review the working capital cycle and identify risks and weaknesses to help businesses manage working capital more efficiently.
Cost optimization – Our cost optimization program will help businesses identify opportunities to reduce operating costs while improving operational efficiency. This approach creates seamless synchronization through each stage of the optimization process from identification to implementation by making the most of our experience in the field of procurement, inventory management, working capital, sourcing, supply chain and tax.
Organizational design – DAAC uses an actual proven method, and is based on evidence. This approach supports collaborative work but at the same time includes major accountability, approval and decision making to provide a realistic and feasible observation mechanism for the organization with time. the deadline for completing the work urgently.
Our process is aimed at interested parties on the basis of a strategy and its impacts, thereby ensuring that they will consider how to organize working groups and how to do it. exam and complete that strategy.
Our approach can be applied at any level in the organization – from transforming the operating model across the enterprise, to reviewing and improving the effectiveness of a working group, and at any stage of the organization’s development – from start-up to activities that have been implemented for a long time.