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Risk & Control Service

Identify and manage key business risks, support to minimize losses and maximize shareholder values.
Executives are always under pressure to identify the risks their organizations are facing. They need to understand how these risks will affect trade decisions and the formation of business strategies.


1. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
DAAC’s ERM approach uses a structured and holistic approach to manage the uncertainties that businesses face. This method depends on creating strong internal mechanisms for gathering, analyzing, monitoring and understanding relevant information. DAAC supports organizations to establish effective ERM practices and systems. We help organizations:

  • Conduct business risk assessment workshops to help them identify the top business risks of the organization
  • Actual assessment of the organization’s current risk management
    develop plans that are close to reality to achieve risk management goals
    conveying knowledge of risk management to objects that can be used most effectively
  • Training key personnel in ERM theory and practice
    implementing ERM programs to become effective strategic monitoring and reporting tools
  • Make more informed decisions on the basis of ensuring risk information and incorporating risk awareness and control into decision making processes
  • Enhance accountability on risks at all levels of the organization
    protect corporate brands and value perspectives.
  • When working with organizations, DAAC will implement a proven global ERM method. Organizations that have access to a key working group include ERM experts supported by appropriate professionals, professionals and a sophisticated knowledge management system.

2. Internal Control Operating Financial Reports
Today, the responsibilities of the directors have been expanded. These responsibilities include the design, implementation and maintenance of internal control measures related to the honest and reasonable formulation and presentation of financial statements. Arising from these responsibilities, current Chief Financial Officers and managers must provide reasonable assurance to confirm that reasonable internal control measures have been established to prevent fraud. fraud and ensure the reliability of financial statements.

We can assist in the analysis of financial and operational control measures and related processes, as directed by the Director General, Chief Financial Officer and other senior management members. We help identify weaknesses and make recommendations to overcome those weaknesses. We can also help management to implement approved recommendations.