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Tax Service

With experience and in-depth understanding of the domestic tax system, we will assist customers in analyzing the most complex tax issues to achieve the best solution as well as reduce tax burdens. lowest. We are proud of saving every dollar for our customers. Over the years, our tax consulting has gained a reputation in this area of ​​business with two main types of services, including:

1. Tax registration, declaration and settlement
Registering, declaring and finalizing accurate taxes will help customers avoid unnecessary tax penalties and in some cases this amount is so large that it could damage daily business operations. of the business. At DAAC, we always understand the difficulties of customers when we have to strictly comply with the relevant regulations. Therefore, we have constantly expanded and developed this service to assist customers to reduce unnecessary administrative burden. Depending on customer requirements, we will perform this work on behalf of the customer or will provide customers with the necessary information to ensure they perform them in the most effective way.

2. Planning, review and tax advice
These services require professionals with extensive knowledge of the tax system in Vietnam. With a team of tax experts in many fields, we can provide the following tax consulting services:
• Personal income tax planning including the restructuring of earnings;
• Planning corporate income tax to achieve the best tax benefits and incentives;
• Planning value-added tax;
• Review periodic taxes to detect emerging tax issues that need immediate treatment;
• Checking and reporting raw material consumption norms – is the basis for determining import and export duties of customers;
• Tax review and advisory services for each specific case, especially dealing with cases where customers disagree with the results of the Tax Authority from the tax finalization check record.